Chancel Choir,

Gail Russell, Director

John Buckhalter, Pianist

Joyce Henderson, Pianist

Junior  Youth Choir

2nd thru 6th grades

Cynthia Kendrick, Director


Cherub Choir

3yrs. thru 1st grade

Grace Notes Chimes Allen Kendrick,Director

Children's music has great value in introducing the stories and teachings of the Bible.  Rhyme and rhythm combined with the stories of heroes and adventures and the concept of christian living are very effective in teaching the basics of our faith to the next generation.


Participation in music activities has many other benefits for child development including building self esteem, developing coordination, enhancing intelligence, increasing emotional awareness, and strengthing social skills.  It also aids in relaxation and stress reduction and increases creativity

The role of a church musician, whether paid or volunteer, is a multifaceted opportunity and responsibility.  Church music is a gift from God, which is nurtured, multiplied, and returned  ( in worship and service).  With each aspect of music, whether in rehearsal, at worship, or in your community, you will offer praise and thanksgiving to Christ, proclaim the Word, and assist the congregation in their own worship experience.  Music stirs the hearts and minds of both performer and listener in ways no other element of worship can.