John Wesley, the founder of our church, placed many women in important positions in his ministry.  Women administered his orphanages, pharmacies, and other ministries that were formed to help the disadvantaged.  Wesley knew and took advantage of women's wisdom and talent when the world was less accepting of the role of women outside of the home. 


In 1906, A women's Auxilleary ws formed in the newly named Richmond Nolley Methodist Church.  This organization, based in mission, has grown and has undergone several name changes through the years.


Today, Nolley Church is proud to offer three United Methodist Circles whose belief is demonstrated in the following statement.

"The organized unit of the United Methodist shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church."

The WESLEY Circle

led by Fanny Galan  meets the 1st Tuesday at 6 PM in Palmer Hall

Salt and Light Circle, led by Jennifer Justiss meets on the 2nd Wed. at 6 PM in Palmer Hall


The Visionary Circle , meets on the 2nd Wed. at 1:30 in Palmer Hall


 Nolley UMW

delivers Christian Literature  to VA Nursing Home

Nolley UMW share snuggle blanket with homebound members of the community.


United Methodist Women